The Brain Behind the Curtain

Hey there, I'm Gautam, but you can call me the 'Monica' of my friend circle – the one who organizes the parties, ensuring everyone's having a blast and feels right at home. Now, it's like poetic justice that I'm the founder of a podcast hosting company, isn't it?

I'm passionate, maybe even a tad obsessed, about podcasts. I listen to 14 hours of content, with speakers on my pillow - no joke!

I ditched the banker's suit to create Hubhopper, a platform that's your creative partner. I'm a podcast advocate, someone who loves to make people laugh, an extremely average pianist, a history and science buff and a nature lover.

Join me on this podcasting journey, and let's make your creative dreams come true. I'll be there for you, helping you become the 'Rachel' of podcasting!

The idea of Hubhopper is born

Hubhopper kicked off its journey right from Gautam’s grandma's balcony but she kicked us out and we had to set up shop in a cafe!

Launched Listening Platform

We unveiled the Hubhopper Listening Platform, bringing the podcasting industry in emerging markets for a new wave of podcasters.

Relentless pursuit for Creators

We began localizing hosting features for podcasters and bringing audio content to giant platforms in emerging markets.

Global Domination Begins

After bagging Forbes 30 under 30, TechSparks Tech30 Award, and more, Hubhopper is expanding its reach and becoming a go-to platform for podcasters worldwide.

We have taught about podcasting here!

We've left our podcasting mark in some pretty prestigious places, where podcast enthusiasts were keen to learn podcasting.


The Hubhopper Tribe - Heartbeats of the Podcast Adventure!

Over the years, we've been lucky to round up an incredible bunch of folks. Our users have binged on our creators' podcasts like it's a bottomless bag of popcorn. Amazing brands have teamed up with us to cook up some podcast magic.

All this action has only fired up our mission to rock the global podcast revolution.




Amazing Creators On Board

742 Million

Listens racked up on our Listen Platform

Hubhopper Unwrapped

Hubhopper isn't your typical platform; we're the rocket fuel for your creative dreams. We're rewriting the rules of podcasting.

We celebrate the beauty of diverse voices and inclusivity in podcasting. Here, everyone has a voice and a chance to be heard.

The real magic of podcasting is its accessibility. That's what inspired us to create Hubhopper. We're on a mission to break down barriers and revolutionize podcasting.

Here, we're all about possibilities. So, if you're ready to turn your podcasting dreams into reality, we've got the stage, the spotlight, and a dash of cheekiness to make it all exciting. Welcome to the Hubhopper tribe, where your podcasting journey is about to get - wait for it - legendary!