These Community Guidelines (“Community Guidelines”) offer a comprehensive understanding of permitted self/curated content and conduct on the Hubhopper digital platform (“Hubhopper” hereinafter referred to as “Hubhopper/we/us”). By using Hubhopper whether you are a user or a creator, you implicitly consent to abide by these Community Guidelines along with our Terms of Use. Hubhopper is committed to creating a safe and trusted environment for everyone.

We reserve the right to update these Community Guidelines from time to time to ensure compliance with the ever evolving legal and regulatory space, therefore we would recommend you keep track with this page to remain updated with the latest set of guidelines.

Dangerous Content

We do not tolerate or condone any kind of content that advocates or glorifies serious physical harm towards an individual or group of individuals based on their caste, race, religion, gender identity/expression, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, age, disability or body type. Hubhopper does not allow and will take down:

  • any content promoting and inciting gruesome, excessive and vivid depictions of violence, gore, torture, mutilations, dismemberments, corpses, wounds, immolation and burning, which is highly shocking and disturbing in nature
  • content depicting violence or cruelty of any kind towards animals
  • content promoting hatred, supporting terrorism, spreading extremist propaganda, promoting crime, hurting religious sentiments, or disrespecting the flag of a state
  • content which has the capability to disrupt societal harmony and threaten public disorder
  • content which promotes, incites and glorifies self-harm and/or suicide through harassment and or bullying

Sensitive Content

We are committed to establishing a platform where our users feel welcome and secure. We do not allow content on Hubhopper that depicts overtly sexual content, which prohibits the inclusion of explicit sexual content, graphic sexual images, pornography or nudity.

We do not allow any content involving glorification of rape and intimidation of victims of sexual assault.

We prioritize the safety of minors and maintain a zero tolerance policy towards any content that:

  • portrays nudity and graphic imagery depicting sexual activities involving minors,
  • depicts, encourages or promotes sexual advances made by adults towards minors; or
  • is intended to depict minors engaging in a sexual act.

Deceptive Content

At Hubhopper, our aim is to deliver content that is truthful and accurate to the best of our knowledge. Therefore, any content found to contain false or fabricated information will either be removed or accompanied by a disclaimer indicating that the content is pending screening and verification.

Hubhopper does not allow and will take down content:

  • replicating the same name, image, and/or description as another existing creator
  • posing as another person, brand, or organization in a misleading manner
  • any content spreading rumors or conspiracy theories depicted as facts and not mere opinions
  • any content trying to promote or instruct malware attacks to gain control of computer systems, technologies and networks
  • promoting untested, false, illegal and deceptive medical information through the use of false reports, trials, testimonies and research which pose a threat to public health
  • promoting investment and financial scams like get rich quick and pyramid schemes, or otherwise encouraging others to part with money under false pretenses
  • spammy content including the promotion of spam applications

Illegal Content

Content that violates any laws or regulations, or is intended to promote illegal activities, will not be permitted on Hubhopper. This includes:

  • content that does not comply with applicable sanctions and export regulations
  • content that is intended to promote or commit an illegal act of any kind
  • a creator passing off a third-party’s content as their own by changing the credited artists or by any other means or manner
  • any unauthorized use, access, possession, duplication and/or exploitation of content without having the requisite license, permission or authorization.
  • content that involves buying, selling and facilitating the use of illegal services

Additional Information:

These Content Guidelines are applicable to content requiring moderation, even if not explicitly stated herein. Any content breaching the terms outlined in these Community Guidelines will be promptly removed from Hubhopper.

Reporting an issue

If you see something that you think may violate any of the terms of these Community Guidelines, please write to us at to report the issue.

Any content that you believe is infringing the intellectual property rights of a third- party or your own, please reach out to us at along with the links of the infringing content.

If you believe that any content was wrongfully removed from Hubhopper, you may write to us at with a request to reinstate such content.