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At Hubhopper, we believe in your podcasting magic. That's why we don't impose limits on the number of podcasts you can create, and we won't charge you extra as your downloads soar.

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Get discovered by your lovely audience. Break the proverbial ceiling by distributing your podcast with Hubhopper’s global listening platforms.

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How do you know your podcast is performing well or not? The answer is Hubhopper’s advanced analytics that are easy to understand and crucial for your podcast’s success.

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“For as long as I’ve been part of the podcasting in India (a little over 8 years now), Hubhopper has been deeply invested in the podcasting space. One of the few and first homegrown Indian podcasting apps, they lit the way and held fort for all those who wanted to create a podcast. The independent podcaster will find a safe haven and the tools that they require to not just educate themselves about how to create their show, but also to make it a reality.”

Mae Thomas
@Made In India

“Gautam and the Hubhopper team have built a world-class product. They are a partner in creator success and combine products and services seamlessly.”

Rishi Malhotra
@Luminary CEO & Founder JioSaavn.

“Apart from broad expertise in digital audio, Hubhopper showed exceptional resourcefulness, collaborative approach, and creativity in launching our first podcast. They built tools and systems that made podcasting easy.”

Yatin Naik
@Hindustan Times

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Everything you need to know about podcasting.

How To Start Your Podcast?

If you want to start podcasting in India and needs answers about how to start your own podcast, you are at the right place. In this post we have answered all possible questions you could have about how to do a podcast.

What is a podcast hosting platform

So, you finally have a rocking idea for your podcast. You’ve mapped out your episodes, made a rough script, and hit the record button. But what next? Where does one go from here? You want people to tune into your podcast, but how will that happen? Well, this is where your podcast hosting platform comes to your rescue, wearing a superhero cape.

Grow Your Podcast

Hubhopper’s analytics dashboard with its straightforward visual presentation and organized layout, helps you understand your podcast analytics (in much less time than it takes to brew your morning tea!).

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